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mercoledì 12 dicembre 2018
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Comune di Savigliano

Corso Roma, 36

12038 Savigliano (CN)

tel. 0172 710111

fax 0172 710322

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C.F. e P.IVA


Uffici informazioni turistiche

tel. 0172 710247

tel. 0172 370736

Savigliano città del Pendolino

Ente Manifestazioni Savigliano
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The tower we see today is the outcome of complex constructional superimpositions over the centuries. According to tradition, it was founded on the remains of a pagan temple dedicated to the goddess Ceres, and it seems that construction commenced in the thirteenth century, when several families belonging to the Guelf faction of medieval Savigliano, the Nobili d'Ospizio, erected a tower for defensive purposes. It is thus one of the few medieval defensive towers visible on Savigliano's modern cityscape.




In 1303 the Commune entrusted the tower to the founders of the Casana or Monte dei Pegni, a charitable institution, which raised the edifice, completing the brick portion visible today. The earliest documentation about the presence of a clock dates back to 1387. In 1447 the commune reclaimed the tower and in 1535 it built the upper segment to replace a spire erected in 1465, the year the main bell was also cast.

In 1612 the clock and bell fell on the house next to it and work commenced immediately to restore the structure. Additional work was done on the masonry and clock mechanisms in 1624 by Ercole Biga.

In 1643, following a celebration when the Savoy dukes visited the town, a terrible fire broke out in the tower, devastating part of the belfry.
It was rebuilt in 1644 and finished with elegant plasterwork, and the main bell was recast. The current bell, which weighs 1,700 kg, was installed in 1949.

The building, which has been restored in recent years, has hosted the local tourism office and several temporary exhibitions.



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