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martedì 22 gennaio 2019
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Comune di Savigliano

Corso Roma, 36

12038 Savigliano (CN)

tel. 0172 710111

fax 0172 710322

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Uffici informazioni turistiche

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Savigliano città del Pendolino

Ente Manifestazioni Savigliano
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Invitation to visit

A tour of the historical town centre of Savigliano has to start from the medieval Piazza Vecchia, now known as Piazza Santa Rosa, with its continuous row of facades (14th and 15th century tower houses) most of which have been restored, and certain architectonic features such as the  Municipal Tower, Arco Trionfale and the old Palazzo Civico.
The pretty roof terraces are offset by imposing arcades on all sides, once offering protection to the markets and now for the "promenade", one of the town’s deep-rooted traditions. Traces of the deep penetration of humanism are tangible in the neighbouring Via Beggiami home to the University of Studies of the Savoy dukedom in 1434 -1435, and in Via Stamperia, where it is said that Cristoforo Beggiami open one of the first, if not THE first typography in Piedmont in 1470.
From the middle of the 16th century, the local aristocracy began to prefer living in comfortable, detached houses, preferably with their own garden. The sumptuous Palazzo Muratori-Cravetta in via Jerusalem, one of the most representative examples of the Piedmont mannerist architectural style ? now owned by the town council ? took on its present day form, as did Palazzo Taffini, in via S. Andrea, built in the early 17th century, which presents an elegant façade on the inner yard and several magnificently frescoed rooms, particularly the hall of honour which celebrates the apotheosis of Vittorio Amedeo I of Savoy.
Among the civil architecture in the historical town centre, the neoclassical Civic Theatre, built in 1832 and dedicated, at the end of the 19th century, to the famous violinists Teresa and Maria Milanollo is definitely worth visiting.
Another must for visitors is the Civic Museum housed in the 17th century monastery of S. Francesco which thoroughly documents the town’s history, thanks to the archaeological, ethnographic and artistic collections, the rich picture gallery and the connected section of the "D. Calandra" Sculpture Museum.
Another tour itinerary can be planned around churches and religious buildings, which occupied the biggest part of the fortified centre in the past: deeply transformed as of the Napoleonic period, they later became military barracks and schools. The biggest of the convents, that of Santa Monica, after being used as the District Military Hospital, became home to the university faculties located in Savigliano. Parish churches with a rich heritage of artistic works are S. Pietro (with the Roman tombstone at the main altar, frescoes by G. A .Molineri in the choir and intricately carved choir seats and confession booths), S. Maria della Pieve (paintings by Molineri, Claret, S. Taricco and B. Caravoglia), S. Andrea (14th century chapel of S. Nicola, altar by Juvarra, paintings by G.A. Dolce, Molineri and Claret), the confraternities of the Assumption and the Piety (by the architect Plantery) and the sanctuary of S. Filippo.
For the visitor with more time, it is also possible to tour the countryside around Savigliano, in search of those aristocratic homes which were transformed between the 17th and 18th centuries from castles or mansions into "holiday homes": the Tapparelli family mansion in Maresco, the castles of Suniglia and, the Canavere family mansion, some as pleasant and beautifully decorated as to be opened to members of the royal household. 


Guided Tours


Guided tours of the town can be booked at Savigliano Tourist Office




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